is the mother of all recorded webcam sites in that probably has the most recordings you can download for free, if you don’t mind fighting with windows opening on pretty much every click until you create an account.

Some of the videos you can simply right click and use the Save As option, but a lot of them are not so easy.  Even AllavSoft doesn’t catch them.  You can use the Flash Video Download plugin for Chrome to download them easily enough though.

There are loads of videos marked as private by the uploader, so start uploading your own videos and then request to friend the people – they usually only share with people who also upload.


Downloading: Allavsoft -> No

Use the Inspect method on Chrome. Filter on “mp4” on the network tab and even before clicking the play button, look for something like ?md=15597736… with “(index)” in the Initiator column.. right click and open in new tab, then save the video as…

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