A site that offers selected quality webcam recordings is and is definitely worth checking out.  The recorded videos are edited to only show the “interesting” parts so you don’t have to wade through hours of uninteresting stuff and the videos don’t have any watermarks, which is always good.  The site offers the possibility to become a patron for €1 per month which removes the advertisements.  For a couple of euros more you get to choose your favourite performer to be downloaded, up to a total of 5 recording slots, and can download the videos from the site.

I particularly like the feature of being able to see all the videos of a performer in one place and the “make it dark” option which changes the screen to black.  The voyeur inside me enjoys the “Videos Being Watched” to see what videos other people are watching, and the fact that you can add your own favourite performers to be downloaded is unique.

This site is on my browser Bookmarks Bar for quick access and yes, I am a Patreon.



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