SpankBang is one of the best websites for uploading and downloading porn.  I only look for webcam girls and I can spend hours and hours and probably days on this site and never come close to exhausting the resources available.  There are lots of like minded people who upload their videos so it never stops!.  They have an excellent filtering system so you can get as granular as Cam, Solo, Teen, New, 720p+  oh my god! The site even has a download button, only requirement is to logon and upload a video.  I prefer to use AllavSoft though as you can simply right-click the video previews and start downloading them while watching the main video.  Mouse over similar videos shows an excellent staggered video preview and below each main video are 10 clickable shortcut images to jump to in the video.

The site is definitely worth visiting.

Here are some users’ sites to start with:

Camshowpentcams, camgod123,  dakentay, teencam6, gamaduxa, hugo195, luca543, hornyfreecams, pinkydeep, kasiulaa, omblive, katdencam, charolucana, lickpussy,  adelineaylena, slutfuncamcutecamsluts, nastygirls, 18flirt, realpo, typefortytwo, westwood (asian and black), iluvgirlstoomuch, emperorozom, stupidbang, phonedm8, edward, parisdiamond, jonathonjonesairescumscagus

Nice asian collection: mapeleleaf

Some older stuff (3 years+): katdemcam

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