Porn Induced Erectile Deficiency

PIED – Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction

Very recently I discovered something called PIED – Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction.  In other words, not being able to get and keep an erection either when looking at porn or trying to have sex with a partner.  Apparently watching porn floods the brain with dopamine – a drug which makes us feel good, but too much dopamine causes the brain to dull down the receptors, which then results in requiring more porn or stronger porn to get aroused.  Even physical sexual activities are no longer enough to get us aroused.  Read the scientific information here…

Just the act of discovering this actually seemed to cure me for a week or so… it was a big relief to discover that it wasn’t something physical and, although I had always guessed it, the problem is definitely mental.  I was very surprised to read that this is now a very common symptom in younger men, as a result of High-Speed Internet Porn.. or “The New Drug” as it is called. I watched a documentary on YouTube about porn addiction which clearly indicates that the brain is affected in exactly the same way as with other drugs, meaning that it really is an addiction and something we cannot easily control.

As with other drug addictions, it seems the cure for PIED is to give up watching porn along with giving up masturbation.  There is a movement called NoFap which maintains that giving up masturbation (Fap – the noise made when wanking) reprograms the brain back to where you were before.  Another called FightTheNewDrug has abundant information about the harms of porn.

Alternatively, if you enjoy watching porn and it’s not affecting your married or social life, then why give up a good thing?

Some articles that talk about PIED:

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